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To work jointly with another person or group in order to achieve a goal.

At RetrieverDirect, we believe in collaboration. Sure we offer innovative processing solutions that can help you increase sales, cash flow, and keep you current in an industry with ever-changing technology. But more importantly? We offer a partnership committed to the success of your business

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The ability to discern the true nature of a situation.

At RetrieverDirect you'll find a team of insightful, dedicated, and honest professionals. We're problem-solvers. We stay connected to our customers and value their opinions. And we approach each day with a determination to help you succeed. As a small company, we do the little things that big companies won't.

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Relative worth, merit, or importance.

RetrieverDirect has over 20 years of experience in the payment processing business. From consultation and training to back office and analytics, we'll take the stress out of your payment processing and help you create a better experience for your customers. We have extensive experience that you can rely on.

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Mobile POS

Ready for an intelligent POS solution? With NCR Silver, you can access your data from anywhere to accept payments, track sales and profitability and analyze inventory. Build customer loyalty with built-in socail media and email marketing tools, all from a secure mobile app on your iPad.

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Mobile Device

Need the freedom to get paid wherever you go? With NPC Mobile, you can do it all on your mobile device. Swipe credit and debit cards, get instant approvals, provide your customers e-receipts. Even calculate sales tax, tip and track inventory. Best of all? NPC's mobile solution provides fast next-day funding on your transactions.

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Virtual Terminal

Customers today desire the convenience to pay when, where and how they want requiring businesses to offer an Omni-Commerce payment solution to process payments. By utilizing PayTrace’s scalable and feature-rich Virtual Terminal, businesses can securely accept and report POS, mobile, back-office and online payments all in one gateway. The PayTrace advantage affords Merchants less time processing payments while offering software innovation to qualify transactions at the best processing rates.  
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Payment Platform

TrustCommerce is much more than a payment gateway, it’s a payment platform offering a flexible solution to support today’s dynamic business. all business models that delivers instant transactional processing. Additionally, TrustCommerce delivers the highest security standards in the industry, utilizing the strongest encryption and exceptional system reliability.  The TC Link APIs are easy to use and integrate, and contain the necessary failover commands for undisrupted payment acceptance and security of cardholder data.

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